Bad Scans

Film. Love to shoot it. What a drag it is to get your negatives back with some shitty 500kb scans with the crunchiest compression though.

I held out on posting these images while I decided whether it would be worth sending the negs off for a proper scanning treatment. I’d already paid enough though.

Hey, its a staff party on the gold coast! All booze, skyscrapers and shitty cocaine.

I was working the next morning so I took it a bit easy by drinking my red beetle-juice and ducking out when things got loose.


Whatever Bud.

ChevronIs (4 of 10) ChevronIs (6 of 10) ChevronIs (8 of 10) ChevronIs (10 of 10)

Trying to write something. I got nothing. Whatever bud.

Whatever bub.

Wolverine fun fact; Did you know Wolverine has so much scar tissue on his brain from psychic assaults┬áthat he’s pretty much impervious to them. So there you go.

There you have it.

Blaze that bud of knowledge in your pipe.