Light Up Gold

EcoSunset-5740EcoSunset-5749EcoSunset-5760 EcoSunset-5765 EcoSunset-5780 EcoSunset-5787

I’ll walk down the beach till the only footprints are my own.

Silence is bliss but I go here to dance and so, the music plays loudly.

Loosen up.

The sun will hit the water soon.


A solo Stompy Wampy.

It’s good for the heart.


Which Way to Go

3.15.15SouthOz-1 3.15.15SouthOz-21 3.15.15SouthOz-22 3.15.15SouthOz-23 3.15.15SouthOz-24 3.15.15SouthOz-25

So I looked up north,

Then I looked down south,

Then to the east,

And the West was the best.

But I still don’t know.

Which way to go.

Hand it to me on a platter,

Gold or silver,

Don’t matter.

Hand it all over to me.

Easy as it can be.

That’s how I wanna

How I wanna go.