I (never) Tried

EcoNight19.7-5792 EcoNight19.7-5789 EcoNight19.7-5800 EcoNight19.7-5806 EcoNight19.7-5811 EcoNight19.7-5817 EcoNight19.7-5809 EcoNight19.7-5822

I never promised perfection.

I’m not a perfectionist.

Gotta love that grain.


Whatever Bud.

ChevronIs (4 of 10) ChevronIs (6 of 10) ChevronIs (8 of 10) ChevronIs (10 of 10)

Trying to write something. I got nothing. Whatever bud.

Whatever bub.

Wolverine fun fact; Did you know Wolverine has so much scar tissue on his brain from psychic assaults¬†that he’s pretty much impervious to them. So there you go.

There you have it.

Blaze that bud of knowledge in your pipe.

Playing the Crystal

PragueNight-1 PragueNight-3 PragueNight-5 PragueNight-8 PragueNight-9 PragueNight-10 PragueNight-11 PragueNight-13


This was nearly two months ago. I have been slack in updating this page. This was a good night. No tripod used just some stone railings. I was wearing just a t-shirt during the day. A few hours after the sun went down it was sub-zero.

I’m back in Australia, back working and backed up with my photography. My computer is on the fritz, I’ve been shooting film again which really hurts my saving for a new computer. Three rolls of 120 film costs 167AUD to develop, print and scan you know?

That is 36 shots. That is Almost $5 a photo.

I’m also repairing a Super 8mm. I cant wait to blow a few hundred for a couple of minutes of choppy beautifully saturated images.

I bought a car. I’m going to be filling it with all my camera gear and doing my best to shoot what I can when I can.

It has been nice re-discovering the area I grew up in.

I was swimming with a pod of Dolphins on an empty beach this morning. I’ll be looking into getting a waterproof camera soon too.


The Kicker

MG-nightWEB-1 MG-nightWEB-13 MG-nightWEB-14 MG-nightWEB-11 MG-nightWEB-12 MG-nightWEB-7 MG-nightWEB-10 MG-nightWEB-9 MG-nightWEB-8

I was so pumped to be out taking pics at night. I never take pics at night really.

I was all worked up, trying to do long exposures balancing on railings, leaning against poles.

Most of the pics turned up blurry rain splotched hyper orange and most of all, grainy.

Trash, you know.

That’s the kicker.