2.13-Mona-1 2.13-Mona-2 2.13-Mona-4 2.13-Mona-3 2.13-Mona-5 2.13-Mona-8 2.13-Mona-7 2.13-Mona-10 2.13-Mona-12 2.13-Mona-14Entered the Bond villain hideout called Mona. Walked into a basement filled with glass cabinets containing mummified objects, scavenged scrapbooking materials from homeless squats, large bulky sculptures of gold, silver and wood. I knew this makers mark. Mathew Barney.

Once I took a date to the movies. Part I & II of ‘The Cremaster Cycle’, directed by Mathew Barney. I’d been told it was a surrealist masterpiece, so wanting to appear a little cultured I asked her along….

There was a woman parading around a football Stadium pulling around two blimps in a pink dress with frills lines resembled those of a vagina. There was a glass corset being worn in an Amish farmhouse. A swarm of bees flying out the head of a penis. Plenty of stuff like this.

I shifted awkwardly in the uncomfortable chairs of the Astor theater.

I guess it was something like art because when I think about that date I cringe and laugh at myself.