Green Thumb

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It takes a lot of neglect to kill an aloe vera plant. I came pretty close. I neglected them until they turned brown and rubbery. Sitting in the shade next to a 6 pack of bottles stuffed with cigarette buts. Ants crawling all over them.

The ants had been getting busy for a few weeks. Thick air. Storms were coming.


I dragged those pots from the patio onto the lawn and took my seat on the patio. Brown Aloe Vera wont help my sunburn much. No sir.

The heavens opened for a week straight.

Purple flashes against black skies. The crackle of the McDonald drive-through and a light rain hitting my feet.

Day after day.

Going Coastal

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This was March. Now it is June and the sun is just as strong. You can still swim in shorts comfortably and the waves have dropped off to the point where the ocean resembles a giant lake.

You don’t need shoes here really. They sell winter coats in the stores but they wouldn’t get much wear around these parts. Holidays are around the corner again. The lake is set to get very busy again.