Soggy 7 Celsius Walking Tours

Welcome to London I said to her as we got off the train and stepped into Kings Cross Station. She needed to use the bathroom. There was a que of 30 people waiting.

‘Welcome to London’ I said to her as I stepped away to look up at the arched glass ceilings. A man was tinkering a lullaby on a piano.

Thousands of people poured past. Going to other trains and underground tunnels.

We went underground too.

It was no a great day to be in London. Windy. Stormy. Bitterly cold. Our summer bodies were in shock being exposed to such miserable conditions.

We hid in a great art museum called the Tate and stayed until the worst had passed. Drinking hot drinks in the cafe and watching peoples umbrellas turn inside-out as they turned towards the Thames.

We saw some nice art too.

The rest of the day was spent strolling and tubing around the tourist loop.

St Peters, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus…

When we got to Camden it was time for a beer at The Worlds End, and a few other places. The most horrible bottled beer ever drunk was at a little gay bar next to the tube stop.

Then it was back to Luton…


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