Return to Seal Rocks

Shit the water was freezing. Fucking freezing. Howling Nor-easters had whipped up the cold currents. Thats the Coriolis effect at play. Winds pushing directly against the Counter clockwise currents bring up the deep, bitter, cold, cold water for unprepared surfers like myself to suffer in as we paddle about in boardshorts whilst everyone else rocks thick wetsuits at the start of Summer.

Lips getting a nice shade of blue.

Campsite had heated showers though, so that was nice.

And I got to borrow a Wetsuit in the end.

So it was all pretty good.



Heavy on the Grain

An old roll of film, almost expired by 30 years. Labs could only scan in the images one at a time supposedly. The negatives sat on the shelf for months as i shot a few more rolls and ran into the same problem once they were developed.

So I shelled out for a cheap negative scanner.

Results are OK. Dust is my enemy. I can clear up minor stuff though I occasionally get an image with a rude squiggly line on it. I crunched a few of these shots to pull out the image, also pulling out the grain and hues from the cross processing.

I think the grain and flatness of the images actually captures what this day felt like. With the looming storm threatening to hit us on the steep slippery granite. And the patches of sunlight offering glimmers of hope that we would dodge the rain. .