BalloonCanberra3.15-7642 BalloonCanberra3.15-7653 BalloonCanberra3.15-7680 BalloonCanberra3.15-7690 BalloonCanberra3.15-7695 BalloonCanberra3.15-7699 BalloonCanberra3.15-7700BalloonCanberra3.15-7705baloonlake-7729baloonlake-7731


At 4 in the morning I drove to the center of town to see some hot air jettisoned into some balloons. Naturally, the place was packed when I got there. Nobody wanted to miss the only thing going this month. Unfortunately, it was a little windy and the balloons just flopped about a bit before being packed away.

“Sorry folks! We’ll try again next year!” the PA crackled and the Canberra residents let out a collective sigh before turning about and wandering off into the great plains of grass and concrete that is Canberra.

The sun briefly rose before hiding behind a thick dome of clouds. Cold wind blew from the mountains and across the artificial lake. Rain fell.

So grim.


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