Eyes Wired Up

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That’s the last leg of the trip. The Kimberly to Queensland in about 6 weeks finished off with an 800km overnight drive up the east coast.

I caught up with an old mate from a lifetime ago…. then split in the evening. expecting to drive just a few hours and nap in the back of the car. I couldn’t swim or surf any stops up the coast because I’d had a tattoo done. I didn’t want to go bush. I just wanted out of the car.

So I kept going through.

There’s a lot of traffic going at night. Its a busy road. A lot of Lorries. They don’t give a shit. They know the road better than the backs of their hands. They’ll ride up your ass and blare their horns if you’re not going at least 10k’s over the limit.

I’d be cranky too if I had to drive that road all night all the time.

Bright lights kill when tired. Headlights passing made me cringe. Service stations blinded me with their kaleidoscopic fluorescent lights causing my head to throb. I knew it was time for bed but I was wired on 80 cent Caltex coffee. It was only another 4 hours away.

I got to the border at dawn. Got two hours sleep then met my family for a coffee.

They told me I looked like shit.

They weren’t wrong.



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