Capital City

Canberra-6956 Canberra-6959 Canberra-6960 Canberra-6961 Canberra-6962 Canberra-6963 Canberra-6965 Canberra-6957 Canberra-6966

This is Canberra. It’s really quite dull. It has some real nice Museums and Art Galleries.

The City is circular. In the center of the circle we have a giant coat-hanger where people assemble sometimes to yell at each other for extended periods of time. Occasionally between bouts of name calling some people manage to make a passable attempt at running Australia.

Outside there we got Museums, The Aboriginal Embassy and lots of grass.

Then Hotels.

Then suburban sprawl.

Then Farmlands.

Everything looks like it was built in the last 10 years.

Thats it. Thats the deal with Canberra.


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