Melbourne-6806 Melbourne-6808 Melbourne-6814 Melbourne-6818 Melbourne-6822 Melbourne-6823 Melbourne-6824 Melbourne-6826 Melbourne-6833


Here’s the routine when I get to Melbourne. Spam anyone I know who’s living there to see if they want to catch up as I get into the city, giving all involved as little time to make plans as possible. Go crash on a friends couch, eat all their food, make a big mess of their kitchen and facilities and then wander into the city. I go to All-Star Comics and throw down a few hundred dollars on books I don’t have a bookshelf for, then go to the markets and drool over the produce until I become overwhelmed and have to leave. Afterwards I’ll drink beer whenever I’m thirsty and always… always catchup with Larry Boxhaul because he’s… He’s Larry man. 

And I’ll take a few lousy photos along the way. 


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