9.9-lastfisheco-6106 9.9-lastfisheco-6108 9.9-lastfisheco-6114 9.9-lastfisheco-6123 9.9-lastfisheco-6134 9.9-lastfisheco-6149 9.9-lastfisheco-6160 9.9-lastfisheco-6168 9.9-lastfisheco-6127

Last day at the resort. 

We fished. Then we set up a party.

My farewell bash was a big bonfire at the bottom of a bunch of sandstone cliffs. 2 very large eskys full of beer and a few litres of expresso martini mix.

At somepoint I performed a ‘transformer’ before the entire resort staff to the tune of ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ by Lou Reed. Then danced around with my junk floppng about in the firelight.

Then, a blur. 

Fun party. 

There were lots of good times on that patch of sand a few hours from anywhere.


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