9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6197 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6199 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6207 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6209 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6214 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6219 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6222 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6223 9.12-KaranjiniGorge1-6237

Big holes in old dirt. 

West of Tom Price there are cracks in the ground where hunks of iron ore the size of kombi vans lay in trickling streams half the year.

The other half of the year that ‘kombi ore’ is tossed around like marbles underwater all through the wet season.

Thats Kalbarri. Its a tiny bit of national park in rich desert lands surrounded by gashes of hacked up mountain and desert.


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