Barny for Two

7.27-Barnhill-5865 7.27-Barnhill-5874 7.27-Barnhill-5882 7.27-Barnhill-5886 7.27-Barnhill-5936 7.27-Barnhill-5943 7.27-Barnhill-5956

I was stoned when I left my phone atop my car. 

I’d met Em on the beach. She walked up out of nowhere. I’d been smoking and listening to tunes in the shade of stone pillars by the beach all day

We watched that sunset in silence. 

We’d seen this one before. Never got old.

We left in the dark. 

Found the phone the next day on the 10km long driveway. Crushed under thewheels of many a caravan. 

The Barn Hill Grey Nomads had extracted their toll. 

One really nice eve. 

A crushed bit of glass and wires

Small toll to pay.


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