EcoSunset-5617 EcoSunset-5612 EcoSunset-5646 EcoSunset-5652 EcoSunset-5661 EcoSunset-5710

A king tide sunset in the Kimberly.

In the town of Broome a few hours to the north a few hundred grey nomads crowd the balcony of the Mangrove Hotel to view a natural phenomena.

A giant new Moon pokes out from behind a wall of cloud. Its reflection begins to stretch over the mangroves as it lifts into the sky. A narrow beam of light playing with the tidal ridges in the sand of the mangroves below.

The digeridoo drones and the bimli go clack clack clack.

It looks like a set of golden steps descending from the heavens.


Down the hill in the shadow of the Hotel. Theres a pile of shells, large as a dune. A shell midden. I like to imagine what it was like on that spot thousands of years ago.

To know what it meant when they saw that moonbeam bounce across the mud.




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