It’s Live.

Shit. Its been a bit inconsistant.

I must have a dozen posts worth of raw files to edit. I’ve been busy.

You know, my computer is on its last legs. Its nearly done.

I’ll give it a vikings funeral with a pyre of driftwood at a roadhouse in the next few weeks.

When I start making my way back.

I’ve been busy, you see.

But the dry is almost over. The grey nomads are gone and the clouds have began rolling in.

Like black Cadalacs pulling into a graveyard.

Here comes the Wet.

Work is nearly over.

The road will be rolling under my feet before long.

Six months living on a beach in the Kimberly. I’ve never laughed so much in my life.

People are fucking crazy. Every. One.

But, you know that.

I’ll be dumping pics soon.

When my days arent so full of people to laugh with.

Till then…


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