Mud & Bubbles

4.15.15MudBubs-2 4.15.15MudBubs-3 4.15.15MudBubs-5 4.15.15MudBubs-6 4.15.15MudBubs-8 4.15.15MudBubs-9 4.15.15MudBubs-10 4.15.15MudBubs-11 4.15.15MudBubs-13

Mud and bubbles.

When I go for a swim during my breaks I see guests, couples mostly, having a great time slathering each other with mud from the creek up the beach.  Popping Champagne. It’s a health spa thing. If there are any benefits is debatable but they always seems to be having a lot of fun doing it.

An esky of mud is kept in the staff cool room. For the guests.

A few days before the season kicked off the staff indulged.



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