Old Crust

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I went westwards. And I drove past canyons and fields of termite mounds taller than I stand. Past snaking rivers full of muddy water full of large leathery reptiles and dozens of dirt tracks that, in a 4wd, could take you to some of the most pristine land in the world.

It’s a long way to anywhere here.

I set up camp on the banks of a dammed river. At sunset I watched the freshwater crocs swim past. That night I went looking for them on the banks with a torch.

You can see their eyes by torchlight.

I took to a piece of bank not far from my camp. It was dark and my torch was far too weak to see more than a few feet in front of me. I realized light had fallen on a crocodile when I saw my foot was about to land on it. Quick as I blinked the crocodile had returned to the river sending a shower of water over my dumbfounded self.

I got the inkling I’d best get to bed.


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