3.17.15.SANorth-1 3.17.15.SANorth-3 3.17.15.SANorth-5 3.17.15.SANorth-6 3.17.15.SANorth-4 3.17.15.SANorth-2 3.17.15.SANorth-8 3.17.15.SANorth-10

I’d killed my radio about 5000 k’s earlier. I drove over a large boulder.

That’ll do it.

Knowing I had about 5k more of desert ahead I splashed out and got a 10 buck shower radio and tuned the ibone into that pissy little thing.

I cranked the tunes that fit into is little speakerbox. Parquet courts. Their low-fi crunch fit in well.

Do Make Say Think squeezed in. Holy Fuck were out.


Sun Kill Moon, Eddy Current Suppression Ring…

Anything that sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom really worked ok.


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