2.23.15.Wineglass-9 2.23.15.Wineglass-7 2.23.15.Wineglass-8 2.23.15.Wineglass-2 2.23.15.Wineglass-5 2.23.15.Wineglass-4 2.23.15.Wineglass-3


Less talk. More rock(s).


2 thoughts on “Wineglass

  1. Great photos of an amazing place!

    In picture 4 what cut those channels in the granite? My first thought was that it was glacial scaring, but they look too fresh and un-weathered.

    I guess some whippersnapper carved into the rock with a nickel. You know, back in my day nickels had bees on them. “Gimme five bees for a quarter,” you’d say.

    Seriously, what left those marks? They made for an interesting picture.

  2. They’re water-slides for snails of course. For hundreds years of snails (and other hard shelled bugs) have been racing down the slippery granite in wet conditions. This has led to some spectacular races, and a few grooves carved into the granite hillside.
    Thank you for your comment sir. Five bee’s for a quarter indeed.

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