2.13-Mona-1 2.13-Mona-2 2.13-Mona-4 2.13-Mona-3 2.13-Mona-5 2.13-Mona-8 2.13-Mona-7 2.13-Mona-10 2.13-Mona-12 2.13-Mona-14Entered the Bond villain hideout called Mona. Walked into a basement filled with glass cabinets containing mummified objects, scavenged scrapbooking materials from homeless squats, large bulky sculptures of gold, silver and wood. I knew this makers mark. Mathew Barney.

Once I took a date to the movies. Part I & II of ‘The Cremaster Cycle’, directed by Mathew Barney. I’d been told it was a surrealist masterpiece, so wanting to appear a little cultured I asked her along….

There was a woman parading around a football Stadium pulling around two blimps in a pink dress with frills lines resembled those of a vagina. There was a glass corset being worn in an Amish farmhouse. A swarm of bees flying out the head of a penis. Plenty of stuff like this.

I shifted awkwardly in the uncomfortable chairs of the Astor theater.

I guess it was something like art because when I think about that date I cringe and laugh at myself.


Going Town.

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I needed a shower. Drove across the state to have a hot one. 

There’s a carpark in the city that’s got one nearby. All the vans pull up there. Everyone knows about it.

Each day a new van pulls up and the passengers will begin walking around with their bathroom kits and towels asking for the location of the fabled hot shower.

It’s under the restaurant.  

Smelt You Later

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Years ago they found the Iron and the Copper. Then they lopped down the trees to smelt the ore. The wastewater poured into the river which turned to toxic slush flowing through the center of town. The valley filled with thick green toxic smog. Acid rain was common. With no trees the soil on the hills eroded.

Mines collapsed killing dozens.

They reopened and disaster stuck again.

They are trying to re-open again.

It’s Queenstown.


Like the Highway.

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This is Hum and his son. Their Nepalese.

‘Like the Highway’ he said when we first met. I used to work with Hum in Melbourne years ago. Cooking.

The dude knows how to move. He’s a gun.

He cooked goat curry for staff meals on a few drizzly winter evenings.

When he stopped cracking jokes and grinning I’d know we were in the shit.

They worked him hard at that place. He was sponsored. Earning that PR.

Over 70 hours a week was normal.

A couple of years after leaving Melbourne I was visiting town and we met up.

He was still working for the same Restaurant group but soon he’d be running his own shop.

We went to Mt Dandenong to see the view. It was Drizzly.

He showed me the cafe he was getting set up in the outer suburbs.

Then we went back to his house and  ate goat curry.