Old Fern

2.4.15Tarkine-4 2.4.15Tarkine-2 2.4.15Tarkine-3 2.4.15Tarkine-5 2.4.15Tarkine-7 2.4.15Tarkine-8 2.4.15Tarkine-9 2.4.15Tarkine-10 2.4.15Tarkine-11

That big fern there. 300-400 years old.

Hills covered in light white flowers. Bees. All the bees.

Getting that Ironbark honey.

For our crumpets.

Thar honey sauce leaking through those crumpet pores onto the plate.

I lick that.

I’d lick that honey plate.

I’d love to.


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