Hang Your Hat

2.3.15.birthdayfun-19 2.3.15.birthdayfun-1 2.3.15.birthdayfun-2 2.3.15.birthdayfun-4

I was in the middle of no-where, walking up a deserted beach. The sun beat down on me, then I was this beautiful straw hat in the distance. ‘A gift’ I thought to myself. When I got close I saw the hat was busted. Well and truly busted up and broken apart.

I stood there staring at this fisted hat with only the buzzing of the march flies and the wind whistling past my ears. I felt a shiver go down my spine. When I turned around there were twelve shadows stretching out from underneath me. Bowed, bent, stretching out in the white sands. I didn’t like the shapes they made.

I got the feeling this place was no good.



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