I choose you, Pikachu

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I didn’t go in the Louvre, no time. Who would make time for the greatest collection of art in the world? Someone else. A considerable amount of someone else’s were making the time. The queue looked like it was going to stretch out the the Champs-Elysees before long. Past the big Egyptian phallic thing in the roundabout where they once rolled out a guillotine to cut off a few royal heads. Louie and Mary. Napoleon put the obelisk there. It was an offering of peace from Egypt. History stacked on history. They’ve ran out of places to put it.

The last thing I saw in Paris was a Romanian fella playing clarinet in the Metro. He was good. I gave him a few Euros.

A huge thanks to Madj and Shaz who put me up for a few days and showed me awesome shit like, 59 Trivoli and that cool Squat/venue with all the band flyers and mad graff. I know without you two my experience in Paris would not have been close to what it was. Cheering.


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