The Aftersquat

Parieday2-28 Parieday2-27 Parieday2-29 Parieday2-31 Parieday2-32 Parieday2-33Parieday2-34 Parieday2-36 Parieday2-38 Parieday2-43


It used to be an artists squat, now its a gallery. There used to be good parties there. The art was cool. The space was great. Didn’t feel comfortable taking photos of it. It felt like a space where something real had already happened. Like walking through an echo of cool. Go check it out, see for yourself. Feel that hollow thud. 59 Rivoli.

Notre Dame. We didn’t go inside, the queue was obscene. Whatever, big old church. Then, padlocks, “HOLY FUCK! LOOK AT ALL THESE PADLOCKS!”. I am  an uncultured, shitty tourist.

My kicks are cheap.


One thought on “The Aftersquat

  1. Your photos show that you experienced Paris a great deal more than the other tourists (including me) who queue for hours to see the same thing over and over Contiki style. Great shots and I love your style of storytelling. Never stop sharing your experiences.

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