Raw Power

FrankfurtPower-1 FrankfurtPower-15 FrankfurtPower-17 FrankfurtPower-3 FrankfurtPower-8 FrankfurtPower-11 FrankfurtPower-14 FrankfurtPower-20 FrankfurtPower-21 FrankfurtPower-23 FrankfurtPower-24 FrankfurtPower-26 FrankfurtPower-27

A coal fuelled power plant undergoing renovations in the heart of Frankfurt.

Coal fuelled power. It’s steam that creates the power. I didn’t know that. I thought it was strange that I could get through nearly thirty years of my life, using electricity every day and not know the most basic things about how it is generated.

I was never any good at Science.




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