Picture Show

FrankFilm-1 FrankFilm-2 FrankFilm-5 FrankFilm-10 FrankFilm-13 FrankFilm-15 FrankFilm-18 FrankFilm-22 FrankFilm-26 FrankFilm-27 FrankFilm-31

The German Film Museum in Frankfurt. It’s pretty sweet if you love the celluloid. Old Kinescopes, Georges Mellieres shorts running on a loop, Lighting rigs and green screen stages. Fun.

The white suit worn by Klaus Kinski in Fitzcarraldo sits in glass next to the time-yellowed polyurethane Alien costume worn by Bolaji Badejo in Alien.

It’s a good space.


4 thoughts on “Picture Show

  1. weathers been great recently believe it or not! oh you know yourself, working to live or living to work.. still tryna figure that one out ;)

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