Playing the Crystal

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This was nearly two months ago. I have been slack in updating this page. This was a good night. No tripod used just some stone railings. I was wearing just a t-shirt during the day. A few hours after the sun went down it was sub-zero.

I’m back in Australia, back working and backed up with my photography. My computer is on the fritz, I’ve been shooting film again which really hurts my saving for a new computer. Three rolls of 120 film costs 167AUD to develop, print and scan you know?

That is 36 shots. That is Almost $5 a photo.

I’m also repairing a Super 8mm. I cant wait to blow a few hundred for a couple of minutes of choppy beautifully saturated images.

I bought a car. I’m going to be filling it with all my camera gear and doing my best to shoot what I can when I can.

It has been nice re-discovering the area I grew up in.

I was swimming with a pod of Dolphins on an empty beach this morning. I’ll be looking into getting a waterproof camera soon too.



4 thoughts on “Playing the Crystal

  1. You bought a car? I imagined you had… bought a Jeep! Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing. I was out at Fingal today – 9 dolphins were playing and surfing the waves there.

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