Going Coastal

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This was March. Now it is June and the sun is just as strong. You can still swim in shorts comfortably and the waves have dropped off to the point where the ocean resembles a giant lake.

You don’t need shoes here really. They sell winter coats in the stores but they wouldn’t get much wear around these parts. Holidays are around the corner again. The lake is set to get very busy again.


Bottle Collection

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Who is the entity that knocks up timber structures all over Europe? The ones with the plain pine and fluorescent orange pieces. Who is it? I’ve seen their stuff lurking in Florence, Dresden and Nice.

There is a massive dig-site in the middle of Dresden. There is a pretty neat skate perk near that. Near that there was a photography exhibit showcasing post modern avant-garde fancy pants photography that you would be forgiven for overlooking entirely if it weren’t hanging on the walls of a massive gallery.  I read the plaques next to these works, purse my lips and concentrate on what I just tread as I try to interpret the artists method of using manipulated development techniques to create an abstraction of symmetry in the architecture of abandoned warehouses as a means of making a statement about mans views on beauty.

One man followed a carnival around rural Europe. taking photos of the fairgrounds the day after the circus had left town. There were over 40 shots in that collection.


I’m going to spam a few posts now because I’m two months past being out of Europe and being back in Australia. Its time to get current again.

Playing the Crystal

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This was nearly two months ago. I have been slack in updating this page. This was a good night. No tripod used just some stone railings. I was wearing just a t-shirt during the day. A few hours after the sun went down it was sub-zero.

I’m back in Australia, back working and backed up with my photography. My computer is on the fritz, I’ve been shooting film again which really hurts my saving for a new computer. Three rolls of 120 film costs 167AUD to develop, print and scan you know?

That is 36 shots. That is Almost $5 a photo.

I’m also repairing a Super 8mm. I cant wait to blow a few hundred for a couple of minutes of choppy beautifully saturated images.

I bought a car. I’m going to be filling it with all my camera gear and doing my best to shoot what I can when I can.

It has been nice re-discovering the area I grew up in.

I was swimming with a pod of Dolphins on an empty beach this morning. I’ll be looking into getting a waterproof camera soon too.