Hillberries: One Mans Path

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One Mans Path. Sounds a bit dramatic, but that’s that name of the track.

I saw two people there, in the distance, I waved to them, they just stared at me until some clouds came across the peak and clouded up the whole place with clouds.

And I didn’t see them again

… Very Mysterio of them.

The view on the way up is nice enough. Some of the graves in this area are over 6000 years old.

The land almost looks burnt from above when I looked north. Blasting the vibrancy in Lightroom exaggerated that… and makes the sky take the soothing colour of a fresh  urinal cake.

Slieve League, County Donegal.



Brokelens-3 Brokelens-2 Brokelens-6 Brokelens-1 Brokelens-7 BundoranTown-24Brokelens-5 BundoranTown-20


A nice big frosty looking circle of condensation developed on my lens.

If I open it right up I can get a little sharpness.

The effects from it are kind of cool.

The light on this morning was really good. That helped.