Christina di Firenze

Flo-22 Flo-24 Flo-23 Flo-25 Flo-29 Flo-28 Flo-30 Flo-31 Flo-27


This is Christina. She’s an Italian Animator and Artist who I met in Florence.

She likes birds. She likes birds because “They travel, go wherever they need to go but they need one thing. A warm nest”

She runs a hotel with her sisters in the city center. It has a panoramic view of Florence from the rooftop.

Its called The Panorama Hotel.

She decorates the halls and rooms with her images of Birds, chandeliers made of recycled materials, paper mache sculptures and some  of her framed Paintings.

Christina apologized often for her English, which I thought was pretty solid. Her views were clear. Her spirit was crazily vibrant.

Really cool person. Glad I got the chance to meet her.


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