Renaissance Sandwich Artist

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The thick stone railings of the Bridges in Firenze make for excellent prep benches. Here you can whip out a baguette, some proscuitto, tomato and fromage to make something tasty with a view to match. Sure people might looks at you funny as you start hacking into your crusty loaf with your pocketknife and start slicing tomatoes awkwardly in the palm of your hand in the middle of a bustling bridge.

They cant judge. They don’t know. The pleasures of a Renaissance Sandwich Artist putting on a show.

A delicious show.

But the real sandwich comes from a Pro. And its name?


You take the inner lining of a cows 4th stomach, braise it until its super tender. Get a crisp bun. Slice it in half. on the base half, carve up that stomach. That’s how tender it is. You carve it on bread. Then you season the shit out of it.

So then take the top half, tear a bit of dough out the middle and toss it to the Pigeons. Dip it in Passata then fill that dough hole with a Salsa Verde comprised of Basil, Parsley and garlic.



Took two bites and turned around and asked for another one.


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