Coat of Paint

Flo-1 Flo-3 Flo-4 Flo-6 Flo-2 Flo-7 Flo-5 Flo-8


Firenze. Seems like a nice place.

I arrived at midnight after a 10 hour train ride from Cannes. Every hostel was closed. Slept rough. Didn’t get rolled. Florence seems like a nice city.

Forgot to pack socks. I’m afraid to take my shoes off. Its been three days.

The night before I left, I finished up my job. Four pints and ten shots in an hour. I woke up in a prayer position on the edge of my bed, with these shoes on my feet and so took them for a ride to Italy. Long train ride. Three transfers.

What were the shots? Some looked like medicine.  There were Jagerbombs and Skittlebombs and Tequilla and a lot of bright red medicinal looking things…

I don’t have any way to charge my camera. This poorly prepared traveler is a bad traveler.

There is a fly in my Peroni Birra. I’ll try drink around him.

Today I’m fairly disgusting, but Florence is a pretty neat place.


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