Big Ben

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A day in London. Pottering about. Walking about Southbank eating Sainsburys chickpea salad whilst watching man in a leopard print leotard wrap his legs around his head, walk on his hands and proceed to swing his groin like a pendulum at passing ladies.

That kind of day. Just pottering about. Never actually went inside the national gallery. Just meandered around the fountains accidentally bombing the photos of the thousands of people simultaneously bombing each others photos. The greatest cluster-bomb in London.

Met old mates Shaz and Madj for a pint and stroll through the Camden Markets. Was yelled at by a shopkeeper for taking a photo of a rack of garish shirts in an Ops-Shop with my phone. The photo was for my collection of phone pictures of collections of garish shirts on racks. I’ll post them one day if you like. Anyway, i offered to delete the picture. He said he didn’t want me to delete it, he just wanted me to stop taking the piss. He made quite a scene, of it, even turning down the music, an act which made a pair of browsers moan at me as the 80’s synth pop that was being played evaporated from their ears.

Cool town, London.




2 thoughts on “Big Ben

  1. Love the diablo shot. Such pretty colours. Glad to hear you enjoyed your day wandering. London is good for wandering. So much old stuff juxtaposed against new stuff.

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