24/7 Pajama Party

HanoiD1-11 HanoiD1-2 HanoiD1-5 HanoiD1-16 HanoiD1-4 HanoiD1-3 HanoiD1-6 HanoiD1-7 HanoiD1-18 HanoiD1-17 HanoiD1-19 HanoiD1-21 HanoiD1-22


2 thoughts on “24/7 Pajama Party

  1. Love life along the ol’ railway line!
    How’d you go seated at those miniature Hanoi stools?
    Whereabouts do you find those prop posters?
    What else is possible on the back of a 125cc moto?
    Babs looks like she’s in her element!
    Good times – great entry

  2. Haha Oh the things they fit on the bikes noticably more in Vietnam than to the west for sure!
    Mums digging it. City’s a hussle though, looking forward to Sapa.
    ‘Original’ posters are in galleries around the backpacker ghetto and night markets.

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