Offensive Iphone Safari

Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, a lot of long bus rides and…. AFRICA!? All in glorious phone pics!KLtoBK-3 KLtoBK-2 KLtoBK-1 KLtoBK-4 KLtoBK-5 KLtoBK-11 KLtoBK-10 KLtoBK-9 KLtoBK-8 KLtoBK-7 KLtoBK-6 KLtoBK-18 KLtoBK-17 KLtoBK-16 KLtoBK-15 KLtoBK-14 KLtoBK-13 KLtoBK-12 KLtoBK-20 KLtoBK-21 KLtoBK-22 KLtoBK-19 KLtoBK-23 KLtoBK-24 KLtoBK-26 KLtoBK-25 KLtoBK-28 KLtoBK-30 KLtoBK-27 KLtoBK-29 KLtoBK-31 KLtoBK-32 KLtoBK-33 KLtoBK-34 KLtoBK-35 KLtoBK-39 KLtoBK-38 KLtoBK-37 KLtoBK-36 KLtoBK-40 KLtoBK-53 KLtoBK-52 KLtoBK-51 KLtoBK-50 KLtoBK-49 KLtoBK-48 KLtoBK-47 KLtoBK-46 KLtoBK-45 KLtoBK-44 KLtoBK-43 KLtoBK-42 KLtoBK-41 KLtoBK-54 KLtoBK-55 KLtoBK-56 KLtoBK-57 KLtoBK-59 KLtoBK-58 KLtoBK-61 KLtoBK-60 KLtoBK-62




The New Path




My camera was stolen. Replaced by four cans of delicious Indo soft drink. The flavours were, Orange, Strawberry and Lychee. Never tried a Lychee flavoured soft drink before so to the peeps that pinched my cam from between my feet whilst I slept. Thank you.

In light of this event I have decided to quit photography and follow my original calling, Illustration.  Here are my latest works showing all the things I’ve seen with a ridiculous attention to detail unmatched by any camera on the market today.

IMG_1127 IMG_1132 IMG_1130IMG_1135 IMG_1220 IMG_1219 IMG_1218 IMG_1217 IMG_1216 IMG_1215 IMG_1141 IMG_1139