Running Empty

I went to the city. I always go to the city. To burn money, and to burn time. I burnt time taking photos some days.

I wanted to find somthing different today. I wanted to run down the street jammin my lens into peoples comfort zones, capturing their distorted horrified discomfort faces.

but instead…

The late morning light was hazy. So I took to the  alleys on a scavenger hunt.

I was hungry. and sick of the bustle. Lunch-break. Every suit in the city eating at every cafe. Solution? Unwind at the park.

Then its time to head homeway’s. The energy and spirit are low.. Then out the tram window I spot a smear of grey

Well If the bay isn’t putting on a similar show to what it did a week ago. And the week before that!

Grey skies in Melbourne (particularly in May) are a rare sight indeed!

Its not so bad. The city. Its a very photogenic place. You can get all types of urban shots all over the place. Plus its a good place to live.

I’m really just restless and cannot wait to travel again.


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