It’s nice to ask….


It was a nice afternoon. Dark Clouds with an orange setting sun. Light winds. Uncrowded down at the, normally crowded, pier. I saw these two and asked for a pic, The guy agreed and wore an expression that insinuated he was almost insulted that I had to ask.

Well I wouldn’t have normally. Nope.

I would have just ran around clicking away until I was told to fuck off.

Like this guy, who told told me where to go earlier in the day.


Oooh he was pissed when I took this pic. “DONT PONT THAT FUGGIN CAMERA AT ME” he bellowed.

So I fired a few more shots off.

And he started to move towards me quite furiously.

So I bolted, for about 20 meters then turned back to see him puffin and spitting tar onto the tram tracks.

I just wanted a shot because I thought he reminded me of the guy off the Fat Boy Slim album cover…


Of course when I got home and looked up the above image I realised I was way off and was just being an insensitive prick.

So anyway, I think I learnt something today.

Most people don’t mind having their picture taken by a complete stranger the majority of the time. So it’s just a courtesy to ask, which is nice.


If the subject is a freak, just spray and pray. Then run away.


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