The Lost Rolls

I was going through my old equipment the other day when I discovered a shocking revelation that would bring my world to its knees with suspense.

Two half shot  rolls of film sitting in two very different cameras.

What was on these rolls? how old were they? I couldnt remember the last time I had shot something on my Yashica or my Roliflex…

Oh my Roliflex…

A gift from my gran.

This is the classic waist-finder in all its glory

Instead of rushing off to get two half shot rolls developed I decided to shoot an old cruddy building in the CBD. But not before I popped open the back of the SLR exposing half of the old shots like a fucking muppet.

Here’s some of the unbleached shots from a West Coast surf trip a year or so ago…

First, nearly un-screwed pic

I… think I like this shot more than I would have normally.

I almost erased all evidence of my visit to Australia’s Most Significant Lighthouse…tragic.

What was my Haircut like? I’ll never know now…

This was a very brief excursion towards the South Australian Border with an old mate from my high school years. We spent the entire trip screaming up and down the coast searching for a miserable little slab we could surf to ourselves. Unfortunatly the conditions were either flat and glassy or huge and stormy as fuck…I forgot that I took any pics so thats cool.

So I took the old cameras to the old building to do some near matching shot compositions to see the difference in the cameras. That was the rough plan.

The Roliflex’s light meter is busted and all exposures were guessed using the Yashica’s light meter as a point of reference (both cameras had different film speeds).

Climbed 14 flights of stairs and couldnt get onto the roof so I shot stuff on the way down. It was a pretty manky old building with some cool little nooks that I’ll probably revisit at some point.

35mm Re-tiling of Fire Escape

Roli Styles

Surprisingly difficult to compose when not looking through the waist-finder.

The 35mm has a funky yellow scum thing happening whilst the 120 roll has colours that remain pretty true to the day. Low light. Stairwell.

Cool Story.

But what was already exposed on the Roliflex’s 120 roll?


bahahahahhahaha The Past People!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Rolls

  1. So the moral of the story is to shoot with 120 film for a more realistic colour? Or not open teh back of camera ;)

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