Take me to the river…

The other day I was in the city having a little river walk with my camera.

There was a nice light comming off the river. Reflections from the Casino. I thought I should grab a few shots before popping over to the Casino for a drink and a feed.

So I worked my way around the bank until I found a nice little spot with a few angles to work and started popping off some shots.

All I wanted was some detail on the leaves...

I wasnt close enough to the water. Low light coupled with a slow shutter and zoomed lens made it tough to get what I was after. I wanted to get some macro acton on those leaves! So I went down two steps closer to the waters edge where I slipped on some tidal mud. I smacked my lens on the ground as I mud-shuffled. I got a bit dirty too.


The UV filter on the lens was a bit banged up and muddy but nothing else appeared to be busted. Apart from a red face and looking like a bum everything was alright. A bunch of indian couples chilling on some nearby benches were laughing, which i would have been doing too. It was pretty funny.

I doubted I’d be able to get into many places in the city with a bloody muddy knee so I decided to pack it in and head home to play some Limbo.

Before I left I snapped this one.

 And that was Good Friday 2012


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