Where people Dress in Black…

Earlier this year we took a trip to Cambodia.

Before the trip I decided to scrap my old junked cam and switch to shiny digital. So I picked up a fancy cannon number with a kit lens and went on my way.

It was a short trip, but it was insane and  I can not wait to go back.

I came home with around 1200 pics. Sorting them was a hassle but I believe i deleted 3/4 of the photos I took just to make room on the memory card. Oh the lament of a tight-arse.  ;)

Anyway, here are a few of the pics from the trip. If you want to see more, let me know and I’ll dig some more out of the pile :)


Yashica, Yashica camera, where has my love gone?

This is my old rig. I love this camera. Its about 40 years old and can take an amazing shot.


My Rig for 3 years

It was also a gift from a viking god, so that’s cool too.

But what I love the most about this camera is the body. Theres a line from that film, that film with that guy… anyway the line is ‘Nobody can keep this heap running but me’

And thats the way I feel about this camera. Its got tricks. Tricks I know.

Mostly though its got character.

Even though I’ve made the Digi switch, my heart will always be jammed with its shutter release button.

Take me to the river…

The other day I was in the city having a little river walk with my camera.

There was a nice light comming off the river. Reflections from the Casino. I thought I should grab a few shots before popping over to the Casino for a drink and a feed.

So I worked my way around the bank until I found a nice little spot with a few angles to work and started popping off some shots.

All I wanted was some detail on the leaves...

I wasnt close enough to the water. Low light coupled with a slow shutter and zoomed lens made it tough to get what I was after. I wanted to get some macro acton on those leaves! So I went down two steps closer to the waters edge where I slipped on some tidal mud. I smacked my lens on the ground as I mud-shuffled. I got a bit dirty too.


The UV filter on the lens was a bit banged up and muddy but nothing else appeared to be busted. Apart from a red face and looking like a bum everything was alright. A bunch of indian couples chilling on some nearby benches were laughing, which i would have been doing too. It was pretty funny.

I doubted I’d be able to get into many places in the city with a bloody muddy knee so I decided to pack it in and head home to play some Limbo.

Before I left I snapped this one.

 And that was Good Friday 2012